[07/09/2023 PM] - "Is Revival Biblical?" - Psalm 80:14-19

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For the evening sermon from Psalm 80.14-19 with help from Canons of Dort 3/4.14-16 we will ask this question: "Is revival biblical"? How would you answer that question right now? Should we be praying for revival? This is so important!! May the Lord give us wisdom and joy in His work.

Scripture Reading: Psalm 80
Confessional Reading: Canons of Dort 3/4.14 - 16
Text: Psalm 80:14-19
Sermon: "Is Revival Biblical?"

Psalm 80.14-19 Is Revival Biblical?
Canons of Dort 3/4.14-16

Theme: Faith is God's gift by which His church is revived, and fruitfulness is seen

  1. The LORD causes His people to cry out

  2. This is a petition by the church militant

  3. The LORD revives by sends the Strong Branch

  4. When the LORD brings true faith the church is revived!

Sermon ID 716231846522151
Duration 39:39
Date Jul 9, 2023
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Psalm 80:14-19; Psalm 80
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