Faithfulness Fidelity & Fulfillment The Blessings of an Undefiled Marriage


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This study deals with Faithful Committed and fulfilled marriages and how to have them.

A Faithful person is one who is driven by Divine Principle and Commitment to Protect and defend one’s own personal integrity and good witness before God, Family, and the world. It is that inner quality of integrity that he or she will not falter in loyalty to those principles which guide and protect them no matter what opposition or opportunity may come.
Pastor Justin Pierce

Fidelity in marriage has to do with that quality of commitment which a loyal and faithful spouse has devoted to their marital partner. A commitment which is based upon the integrity of an unbreakable heart devotion to the principles which guides their every thought and deed and cannot be shaken or moved by any lesser enticement of the world. This is a self-induced commitment and strict loyalty to the best good for a singular love and sexual partner which will accept no other as an equal substitute. According to Scripture, True Marital Fidelity is a mirror image of the devotion that is found between Christ and the Church.
Pastor Justin Pierce.

Jun 4, 2017
Sunday - AM
1 Corinthians 6:12-20; Proverbs 5
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