The Fight For Freedom

Without a benevolent, loving, and all-powerful God, there would be no basis to claim the right to freedom of any kind. In fact, without a loving, benevolent God, there would no notion of freedom in creation. We would be doomed to accept the miserable state of slavery, bondage, and exploitation. And ironically, we would not know our situation could be any different.
Freedom was not given to the American colonies. They had to fight for it. They had to take what was rightfully theirs. And why is that? Because in this world ruled by sin and Satan, freedom is not permitted.
Let us remember that freedom for all requires freedom for all to freely think, for all to freely believe, for all to freely disagree, and for all to freely worship as we want. This requires the responsibility to tolerate those who are wrong and who disagree. Individual freedom requires not denying others the same freedoms we want to enjoy.
On this occasion of celebrating America's freedom, we should be all the more mindful to thank God for such a miracle and to pray for His coming, which through a fiery blast, will secure freedom for all once and for all forever. Satan will not grant freedom. It must be taken. And it will. And for that day, we hope and pray, Lord come quickly.

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Jul 9, 2023
Galatians 5:1
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