The Third Century



The opening of the seals acclimatize us to the conditions of the early church.

I. The Opening of the seals

A. The first four seals: the four horsemen of the Apocalypse (Revelation 6.1-8)

B. The fifth seal: the souls under the altar (Revelation 6.9f., Hebrews 13.10-12,13) Cruel persecutions (Revelation 6.10-11)

C. The sixth seal: Judgement (Revelation 6.12f., Haggai 2.6-7)

II. Third century Church champions

A. Tertullian had a great influence in maintaining the doctrine of the Trinity and the incarnation,

B. Cyprian emphasized the supreme authority of bishops as servants of God fostering autocratic episcopacy.

C. Origen produced writings about inspiration, the Trinity, the eternal generation of the Son, and the reality of the incarnation.

III. Lessons for today

A. Recycling (Ecclesiastes 1.9).

B. Mixed blessings. The third century leadership opened the door to tradition, priests, the communion as a sacrifice and allegory.

C. Sidings: intellectualism, emotionalism, sensationalism, etc.

We need to be comprehensively right regarding Scripture, the Holy Spirit, godly testimony and holiness.

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Date Jul 9, 2017
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