Dealing With Depression

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Depression can strike the greatest of men: Spurgeon, Martin Luther, Winston Churchill, King David, Solomon, John the Baptist, Elijah. In this message, we deal with the subject of depression.

  1. Characteristics of depression
  • Depression can strike unexpectedly
  • Depression exhausts us physically and mentally
  • Depression can cause us to act illogically
  • Depression leads to panic and insecurity
  • Depression leads us to become introverted
  • Depression can lead us to despair of life
  1. Causes of depression
  • Lack of rest and nutrition
  • A chemical imbalance in the brain that needs to be dealt with medically
  • After a climax, there comes an anti-climax that can be difficult to deal with
  • A satanic work to depress us
  • A spiritual failure to be taken up with yourself
  1. Comfort of depression
  • There is a future in Christ and this is not the end
  • God will deal with all his enemies and the power of evil shall be broken
  • You are not the only one
Sermon ID 710161257360
Duration 47:22
Date Jul 10, 2016
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text 1 Kings 19:4
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