R.C. Sproul on How the Zwickau Prophets Influenced Church History (#15)


Most Christians have heard of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformers. But there is good reason why you have probably never heard of their contemporaries, the Zwickau prophets. In the following two videos, R.C. Sproul and Steve Lawson explain who they were and why they left no lasting legacy.

The principle of Sola Scriptura—Scripture alone—lies at the heart of the Protestant Reformation. Rejecting the pope as God's voice on earth required that there be a true and superior authority on which Christians could depend. Replacing the pope with someone else who claimed direct revelation from God would have only served to perpetuate the original problem. The scope and extent of the Reformation legacy, still felt today, is primarily due to the Reformers' unshakable commitment to God's unchanging revelation found in the pages of your Bible.

A major objective of the Strange Fire conference is to reassert and reemphasize the sufficiency and supremacy of Scripture for all of Christian life, practice, and ministry. For more information about Strange Fire, please visit the conference website. . . .


Jul 10, 2013
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