Statement of Faith: Church Leadership- Part 4

Section timestamps and bullet points:
Note: Times are estimated

0:00 Introduction and Overview
1:20 Reading the Paragraph on Church Leadership from the Statement of Faith
2:35 Jesus Christ as the Chief Shepherd
4:15 Spiritual Equality and Distinct Roles of Men and Women
6:05 Responsibilities of the Pastor
7:30 Reading from the Church Constitution on the Pastor's Duties
9:10 Deacon's Responsibilities
11:00 Members' Responsibilities
12:45 Legal and Financial Responsibilities of the Church Members
14:20 Voting and Decision-Making in the Church
16:15 Practical Examples of Church Decisions
18:00 Detailed Breakdown of Church Membership Roles
20:35 Attendance and Participation Requirements
22:50 Termination of Membership
24:30 Discussion on Unity in the Church
26:05 Biblical Passages on Church Leadership
27:50 Conclusion and Final Remarks

Jun 9, 2024
Special Meeting
1 Peter 5:1-4; 1 Timothy 2-3
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