Bugging Pharoah

How can a tiny gnat carry such a powerful message? Tune in to our latest episode as we uncover the profound significance behind the biblical plagues of gnats and flies in Exodus 8:16-32. We juxtapose these ancient pestilences with our own frustrating experiences, from the Miller moths in Colorado to the relentless gnats of Savannah, Georgia. By drawing these parallels, we emphasize the discomfort these plagues would have caused and delve into the symbolic power struggle between God and the Egyptian magicians who failed to replicate these miraculous events.

In this episode, we take a critical look at the third plague and its immediate impact on Egypt, highlighting how Pharaoh's hardened heart invited an overwhelming divine response. Gnats emerging from the dust and infesting the land serve as a stark reminder of God's ultimate sovereignty over creation. We draw thought-provoking connections to modern-day demonstrations of power, reinforcing the idea that no human or nation can stand against God's will.

We also tackle how to navigate encounters with skeptics who mock faith in God and the Bible. Compassion, rather than anger, is our guide as we present the reality of God's existence and the certainty of eventual judgment. You'll hear about the hardened heart of Pharaoh, compared to modern-day skeptics, and the powerful distinction God makes between His people and others during the plague of flies. This episode is a call to trust in God's sovereignty and mercy, even in the face of adversity, and reminds us of His unwavering provision and support for His chosen people.

Jun 7, 2024
Sunday Service
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