John Calvin: His Life and the Truth of God's Sovereignty


John Calvin - His Life and his application of the Truth of God's Sovereignty

  1. His Life: Birth July 10th 1509, Paris University, Conversion, Denunciation of Rome, Flight to Geneva, His work in Geneva, Servetus, Death and burial in unmarked grave.
  2. What Calvin believed about God's Sovereignty: The doctrine of Predestination
  3. How Calvin lived in the light of God's Sovereignty
    i) Submission to Providence
    ii) His preaching
    iii) His pastoring
    iv) Inspiration of the Scriptures
    v) God's sovereignty in prayer

Erratum: It was not Antoine (Calvin's brother) who was convicted of adultery, but Antoine's wife with Pierre Daguet, Calvin's servant who, it later transpired, had also been stealing from Calvin's belongings over a period of time - DS.

Sermon ID 65091910100
Duration 1:09:03
Date May 30, 2009
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Hebrews 11; Hebrews 13:7-8
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