Are Tongues For Today?

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In Acts 19 the Apostle Paul meets some religious men that are called Disciples who had previously received the baptism of John the Baptist.

Paul wanted to know whether they had received the Holy Spirit when they believed, and he asked them also about their Baptism.

In talking with these men Paul must have concluded that they were not Christians as they had no idea of the Holy Spirit's ministry and they had not received believer's baptism.

These men had received John's baptism which was not a Christian baptism.

John the Baptist at the time of Jesus, had identified the Lord Jesus as the Lamb of God who would take away the sins of the world and he called the Nation of Israel to repentance.

There are people like these men in Acts 19, today all around the world.

There are many that might even call themselves Christians, they are religious and yet not right with God.

There are people that have been baptized in Anglican Churches and Presbyterian Churches and Catholic Churches and even Baptist Churches that call themselves Christians but have not understood the Gospel and therefore have not received the Holy Spirit.

You can be baptized in a Church or even in a river in the name of Jesus but if you do not understand the Gospel then you are not saved.

This sermon also examines the miraculous gift of tongues given at Pentecost.

Jun 4, 2023
Sunday - AM
Acts 19
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