[06/04/2023 AM] - "Requesting Greatness; Requiring Humility" - Mark 10:35-45

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Attached PDF is the Devotional for preparatory week to the Lord's Supper next Sunday.

As we gather this Lord's day we continue in Mark 10 and consider the shocking response of the disciples to the teaching of the Lord on receiving salvation. They want to be served and to have their wishes fulfilled rather than serving the Lord and doing all as servants in His kingdom. This is a very contemporary text - Mark 10.35-45.

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:35-45
Text: Mark 10.35-45
Message: "Requesting Greatness; Requiring Humility"

Theme: Ignorant pride from the disciples brings the Lord's rebuke and call to humility

  1. Ignorance in the two leads to an expression of pride

  2. The Lord rebukes James and John and presses knowledge into their hearts

  3. Ignorance in the ten leads to an equally prideful action

  4. The Lord rebukes the church about a worldly mindset over kingdom service

Jun 4, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 10:35-45
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