Jacob Comes to Live in Egypt


Israel is taking his journey with all that he had. He is going to Egypt. He's going down to see Joseph his son, whom he thought that he had lost. His sons have told him that Joseph is alive and so he will go and see him before he dies. Actually it is more amazing than that. He is not only going down to see Joseph but he is also going down to live there in Egypt; he and all his household of seventy persons. Was this the right decision for him to make, to leave the Promised Land and go to another country and spend the rest of his days there? Well, it was, and so what I would like to bring to your attention is this important truth; that God knows how to lead you into all the blessings which He has prepared for you and your family. The question that we want to ask this morning is this. How did God do this? How did He lead Jacob to overcome his fears and convince him that it was His will for him to go down to Egypt and live there for the rest of his life? Well, God is going to convince Jacob that his going down to Egypt was the right thing to do. And so, let me give you 4 lessons concerning God's leading of Jacob to come live in Egypt. I pray that these principles that I will give to you from God's word today, will be of help to you in your following God's lead in your own life.

Jun 28, 2020
Sunday - AM
Genesis 46:1-7
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