Doctrine of the Devil #7 The Foot-Prints of Satan is all over God's Creation

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Featured on Jan 2, 2016

The Foot-Prints of Satan is All Over God's Creation. This is lesson seven in the Doctrines of the Bible classes taught by Dr. James M Phillips. There are 27 lessons in this set of doctrinal lessons. All of these classes are on this website and discoverthewordwithdrjim.com. This class answers many questions that you might have about the Devil and his work in the world today. The class tells of his final doom and the powers which he wields in the present age. The work book is available in the webstore. This is lesson 7 in the Doctrines Of The Bible course that Dr. Jim Phillips taught at Valley Baptist Church in 2008. You may watch this class and all of these calsses in this series on Video at discoverthewordwithdrjim.com and look under the Video Directory. Dr. Jim has been teaching Greek and Hebrew reading and research classes by induction for over 40 years. We want to thank our listeners and faithful users for your charitable donations no matter how small to help us keep the websites up for all to watch or hear the thousands of classes available on discovertheword.com, sermonaudio.com/dtw and discoverthewordwitdrjim.com

Sermon ID 62808054545
Duration 1:01:51
Date Jun 22, 2008
Category Sunday Afternoon
Bible Text 2 Timothy 2:15; Luke 10:18
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