The King of Righteousness

68 ( 35 | 33 )

The title given to Melchizedek, as King of Salem (which means King of Peace) is given in the context of His name which means the King of Righteousness. It winks at us the simple but profound truth that we must submit to Christ to be our King of Righteousness before we can ever partake of the peace He offers to all who love God. The culture wants to pretend that you can love God and be loved by God while arrogantly declaring your sin. While pride might be the rallying cry of the damned, it has nothing to do with the people of God. We must embrace Christ as the King of Righteousness, surrendering our sin, our rebellion, our very hatred of the Holy God and cling to Him in love. Remember, at its core, sin is hatred to God, and that is something that God will never simply overlook.

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Duration 57:24
Date Jun 25, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:1-3
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