Choosing Life Biblically !

Choosing Life Biblically !Jeremiah 1:5;Psalm 139:13-16Jeremiah was sanctified and ordained to be a prophet of God before he was ever born. He was sanctified which means that he was "dedicated, consecrated, or set apart" and he was ordained or appointed for that task. This was God's purpose for his life, but Jeremiah still had to concede and submit to the Lord. He was not a robot without feelings or a will. Jeremiah could have made the same choice, and was tempted to do so, but he did not quit.The formation and birth of a baby is perhaps the most amazing phenomenon on earth. David glorified God because He envisioned and designed this awe-inspiring miracle, and He coordinates every detail of this complex process from conception to birth. God's creation of each of us explains how He knows everything about us and why He is always with us. He has a wonderful purpose for our lives, a plan for each and every one of us. We are the work of His loving, omnipotent hands. For this reason, we should continually give thanks.David testified powerfully about God's miraculous work in the process of human reproduction.God established the process of birth. From beginning to end, it is the miraculous work of God's hands. He creates every part of the human body as it develops in the womb. Furthermore, He weaves these intricate parts together to form the fascinating, highly-complex machine called the human body. Mary the Mother of Jesus conceived a baby in her womb by the Holy Spirit of God and that baby came into the world to save every baby who would ever be born.

Jun 26, 2022
Sunday - PM
Jeremiah 1:5; Psalm 139:13-16
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