A Pack of Sodomites and America - Judges 19


A pack of sodomites surround a house in Gibeah. How does this relate to America? This sermon expounds upon the awful consequence of accommodation to evil. Verse by verse through Judges 19. 38 min. MercySeat.net DefyTyrants.com

American Christianity neuters men and tells them to have nothing to do with civil government matters; to be indifferent towards the evil, idols, and tyrants of the culture. And the wicked attack and malign when they see Christians who view “politics and religion” as “inextricably linked.” They are inextricably linked in that God's Word speaks to all matters of life, including matters of civil government.

God-haters find such a notion horrifying. They can countenance a Christianity that stays in the corner - but Christians who want to see God's law and Word applied to all areas of life needs to be attacked and maligned.

They fear a Christianity which confronts the evils, idols, and tyrants of the culture; which cannot sit silent when they see His law and Word impugned; and which works to make disciples of all nations.

Recorded May 30, 2021
Published Jun 26, 2021
Bible Text Genesis 19; Judges 19
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 626211648261149
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