[06/25/2023 AM] - "The Prophet Assesses Israel – Take Note!" - Mark 11:12-14

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The morning passage will show us the Lord as Prophet assessing Israel and proclaiming the deadness He sees, as we take note. The next two texts show His assessing work as Priest and King. See if you can look at the next several verses of Mark 11 and decide where the Priest's assessing work ends and the King's work begins.

(Context) Here's the bigger picture: The ending section of Mark - chapters 11-16 includes some subsections. One subsection begins with our text for tomorrow -Mark 11.12 and runs through until His anointing, Chapter 14.1. This is the subsection of assessment and confrontation. Jesus confronts the deadness of Israel as portrayed in the fig tree, in the temple, and the false authority of those in Jerusalem, and shows that He is the One come to bring in the age of truth.

Scripture Reading: Mark 11:12-33
Text: Mark 11.12-14
Message: "The Prophet Assesses Israel – Take Note!"

Theme: The Prophet proclaims the spiritual deadness of Israel and we take note

  1. Hungering, especially spiritually, is normal!

  2. From a distance, the tree seemed full of life

  3. After an intimate investigation, there was no life after all

  4. Words of judgment fall from the Prophet upon the "tree"

Jun 25, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 11:12-14; Mark 11:12-33
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