Revelation 22- Part 1: A Pure River of Water of Life

Chapter timestamps:
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00:00:00 Introduction and Welcome
00:01:00 Instructions for Online Viewers and Donations
00:04:00 Temperature Adjustments and Comfort
00:10:00 Missions and Donations Clarification
00:20:00 Bible Reading and Sermon Introduction
00:30:00 Discussion on Social Media and Entertainment
00:38:00 Hymn Singing and Worship
00:40:00 Revelation Chapter Reading
00:42:00 Sermon Points Discussion
00:45:00 Commentary on Algorithms and Social Media
00:50:00 Scrolling and Entertainment Thirst
00:55:00 Doom Scrolling Discussion
01:00:00 Upcoming Church Events and Activities
01:10:00 Future Planning and Reflections
01:10:00 Spiritual Quickening and Salvation Explanation
01:15:00 Discussion on Eternal Life and Living Water
01:20:00 New Jerusalem and the River of Life
01:25:00 Closing Hymn and Reflections on God's Guidance
01:30:00 Final Prayer and Benediction
01:35:00 Invitation to Accept the Water of Life
01:40:00 Concluding Remarks and Announcement

Jun 23, 2024
Bible Study
Isaiah 55:6-11; Psalm 1:1
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