The Virgin Birth Brings David’s Royal Son

In Luke 1:26-38, we are shown 4 aspects of Gabriel's announcement concerning Jesus.
I. The recipient of Gabriel's (v. 26) announcement is Mary (v. 27d):
A. A virgin (v. 27a, d).
B. Betrothed to Joseph of the house of David (v. 27b, c).
C. Favored by God (v. 28).
D. Perplexed by Gabriel's greeting (v. 29).
E. Reassured of God's favor (v. 30)
II. The content of Gabriel's announcement is Jesus.
A. Jesus will be the name of the son you conceive and bear (v. 31).
B. Jesus will be great and called the Son of the Most High (v. 32a).
C. Jesus will reign eternally over His kingdom from David's throne
(vs. 32b–33).
Clarifying question: How will this be since I am a virgin (v. 34)?
Clarifying answer: The power of the Most High, the Holy Spirit, will do
this (v. 35a, b).
D. So, Jesus will be called holy, the Son of God (v. 35c).
III. The reassuring sign of Gabriel's announcement is Elizabeth.
A. Elizabeth was barren but is now six months pregnant (v. 36).
B. Because nothing is impossible for God (v. 37).
IV. The response to Gabriel's announcement is submission (v. 38).

Jun 23, 2024
Sunday Service
Luke 1:26-38
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