The Sovereign Journey of the Son of Man

The Sovereign Journey of the Son of Man. Luke 19:28-44;Luke 20:1-47. Readers are invited to witness the transformative journey of Jesus Christ as depicted in the Gospel of Luke. Through a series of encounters, parables, and confrontations, the narrative unfolds the profound teachings and divine mission of the Son of Man. From his triumphant entry into Jerusalem amidst jubilant crowds to his poignant exchanges with religious leaders, each moment of the journey resonates with significance and meaning. As tensions rise and allegiances are tested, the story explores themes of power, authority, and the ultimate sacrifice. 'The Sovereign Journey of the Son of Man' is not merely a retelling of biblical events but a powerful exploration of faith, humanity, and the enduring legacy of Christ's ministry."

Jun 2, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
Luke 19:28-44; Luke 20
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