Salvation is of the Lord

In both our physical and spiritual lives, we often want to be our own deliverer and the one who saves ourselves from our problems. But the golden thread throughout Scripture is that we're not our own hero. Jonah 2 reminds us that salvation is of the Lord. He sometimes puts us in hard, difficult situations so that we remember that He is still our God and that salvation only comes from Him. We can't rescue ourselves from our own sin, but this is exactly why Jesus came and died for us. Unlike Jonah who tried to run away from his calling, Jesus ran toward His calling: the cross and the grave. And He knew that just like God did an amazing miracle for Jonah, His Father would also deliver Him from death. Jesus is the fulfillment of the sign of Jonah. Do you believe this and cling to Jesus Christ? Or are you still trying to be the hero of your own story? Has God moved in your heart in such a way that you can sing, "Salvation is of the Lord"?

Jun 2, 2024
Sunday Service
Jonah 1:17-2:10; Jonah 2
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