The Nearness of Salvation


Romans 10:5-10: The Nearness of Salvation

I. Introduction
A Illustration
1 Doctor
2 Years of School
B Connection
1 Paul's point
2 Theme
II. The Contrast regarding Salvation
A The Righteousness by the Law
1 Long distance to Salvation
2 Examples of this Today
B The Righteousness by Faith
1 Salvation is near
2 The location of Salvation
a. In the Word
b. In the Heart/Mouth
III. The Conditions of Salvation
A Content
1 Facts about Christ's work
2 Facts about Christ's Person
B Location/heart
1 The Center of one's whole being
2 Believe = Casting, reclining, trusting
a. Thus it is a casting of one's whole self
C The Evidence/Expression
1 Confession/Communication
2 Application
IV. The Result of the Nearness
A Perseverance
1 V. 10, unto salvation, must stay near you
2 Called to be vigilant, sober elsewhere
B Salvation and Assurance
1 Hand of faith receives  

Jun 24, 2018
Sunday - PM
Romans 10:5-10
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