Making Melody In Our Hearts

Featured on Apr 8, 2015

In this message we show that the hymns of the church are to be sung from the regenerated heart. Mechanical musical instruments are not authorised by the scriptures for New Testament worship in the Church. The regulative principle of scripture limits our congregational worship to that expressly commanded by scripture, clear precedent, or that which is necessary by consequence of command or precedent. Besides many scriptural proofs and deductions, we bring forth the testimony of many reliable teachers like Spurgeon, Gill, Dabney, Dagg and even Andrew Fuller. We hope and pray the Church will return to the regulative principle of worship. Its neglect has opened the door for will worship of the worst kind. If the mechanical instruments had never been allowed in the Churches, there would never have been even a discussion regarding such things as electric guitars, "christian rock," liturgical dance, etc.

Sermon ID 622081650425
Duration 1:04:48
Date Jun 22, 2008
Category Sunday - PM
Bible Text Ephesians 5:19
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