James 5 Pt 2: Enduring Until Christ Comes


Don't Murmur against them who are under the same bonds of affliction, because of the difficulty of your circumstances, or the difficulty of the influence of powerful people that resist Christ. Persecution is not new to the Church,
It is the historical norm for the Church.
The first Christian believers endured several hundred years of increasing hardship, persecution, and mistreatment of terrible kinds. First the Jews, and then the Romans came for them in increasing measure. Since then, the Church has been persecuted and has been resisted and has suffered at the hands of ungodly men in nations all over the world and in every century, even until now. In all of this, sometimes even as saints, we annoy each other. Sometimes the circumstances are difficult and we do not endure hardness as good soldier of Jesus Christ, be we end up rather entangled in the affairs of this life and we trip over each other's strings. We must have our perspectives adjusted in humility and have our hope redirected to the person of Christ.

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Duration 1:05:55
Date Mar 1, 2020
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text James 5:8-11
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