Crosswalking: Clint Watched a Billy Graham Crusade


There are Christians who, as part of their salvation stories, tell of listening to the preaching of Billy Graham, and how God used that to bring them to genuine repentance and faith in Jesus Christ. Sadly, there are likely far more people who would similarly testify, yet they are false converts. Drawn to pray a pray a prayer and ask Jesus into their heart by a stirring altar call at a particularly difficult time in their lives, countless people have listened to men like Billy Graham, thinking they had "accepted" Jesus, but were never truly converted.

Clint is a case in point. Clint stopped to talk to Tony while Tony was crosswalking. Clint testified that he became a Christian after hearing Billy Graham preach. However, he then testified that for the next 33 years he did not walk with Christ. You will hear Clint speak of a time in 2014 when he began to walk with the Lord.

Clint struggled to communicate the gospel to Tony. Yet, Clint affirmed he believed the gospel Tony communicated to him.

Is Clint saved? Is he a Christian?

Sermon ID 621181613210
Duration 26:18
Date Jun 21, 2018
Category Special Meeting
Bible Text Hebrews 6:4-6
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