Perception in God's Prophet

147 ( 52 | 95 )

In this seventh and final sermon from Habakkuk, he closes his book on a high note. He honestly admits fleshly FEAR when he reflects on the correction that was coming from the Chaldeans. His physical reaction is trembling in his belly, quivering in his lips and decay in his bones. The reason for this severe reaction is because all he can do is wait for trouble to arrive, as God prepares the tool He will use for the invasion. But Habakkuk also reveals his spiritual FAITH in God. The problem will be as severe as one could imagine with extreme hunger and life-changing hardship. But he showed great perception as he was determined to fully depend on Yahweh (the covenant-keeping God) and Elohim (the creator delivering God). Habakkuk was finally focusing on the provision that Yahweh Adonai (master) would supply. Ultimately, his strength would give Habakkuk security like hines' feet and military success in the land, as He caused him to walk on the high ground. Habakkuk closes by directing this message to be proclaimed with instruments in worship of the only true God.

Sermon ID 620211219102743
Duration 1:04:54
Date Jun 20, 2021
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Habakkuk 3:16-19
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