The New Testament Church


The history of the Church begins in the C1st. 3 key characteristics of the New Testament Church account for its strength & expansion.
I. The spiritual power of the Church (v.49)
A. The Spirit promised. The apostles were to tarry not worry.
B. The Spirit bestowed. (Acts 2.1-4) Led to Acts 8.12-20.
C. The Spirit's work. (a) Comfort and encouragement to believers (John 16.7 John 14.16-18) (b) Reproof iniquity and conviction of sin. (John 16.8-10, Psalm 107.42).
II. The apostolic direction of the Church (v.45-47a)
A. The source of the apostolic preaching (v.45).
B. The content of the apostolic preaching. (verses 44-46).
C. The purpose of the apostolic preaching (verse 47).
D. The effects of the apostolic preaching. Christ's intention that the faith, government, order and practice of his church should be directed by the preaching the apostles (Acts 15.6, 1 Peter 5.1).
III. The evangelistic zeal of the Church (v.47-48)
A. Ecclesiastical witness. (Acts 2.29-32; 3.18-19, 7.52-53).
B. Personal witness. (Acts 8.4).
C. Missionary witness. (Acts 8.32; Acts 13.2; Acts 28.31).
More evangelistic zeal needed.

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Date Jun 18, 2017
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Bible Text Luke 24:45-49
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