Examining Childhood Conversion and Biblical Salvation with Justin Peters

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Join us as pastor Justin talks with Justin Peters about his book "Do Not Hinder Them."
"A startlingly high percentage of children who are raised in evangelical, Bible affirming churches and who make professions of personal faith in Jesus Christ at early ages show little to no evidence of genuine conversion once they leave home and enter their young adult lives" (JPeters).

We all know these children or we ourselves are part of these statistics, and because of this heartbreaking truth, will be talking about the history of Childhood Conversions, False conversion vs. backsliding, and Finney-ism; Baptism; What happens to babies who die, the nature of sin, and so much more.
We will also be examining true and Biblical Salvation in light of Scripture, Spiritual leadership in the home, and being gracious, loving fruit inspectors.

Jun 17, 2021
John 1:3
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