Are You a Godly Father?


Are You a Godly Father? Proverbs 4:1-14 Repetition is the key to learning." Although the original source of this saying is not known, its use and acceptance lend credibility to its accuracy. Solomon's chief method of instructing his son in Proverbs implies his agreement with it.Some children don't like to hear Dad say, "Now, back when I was a boy..." but they might learn a lot if they paid attention and listened. He learned wisdom from his father and now he's passing it on to the next generation. This is the primary way God has ordained for His truth to be preserved and invested from generation to generation.The father tells his sons to treat wisdom the way they would treat their mother, sister, or wife: love her, honor her, embrace her, exalt her! When you receive God's truth into your heart, God renews your mind and enables you to think wisely. This helps you make right decisions and experience the guidance of God day by day. God in His loving providence directs us and prepares the path for us.

Jun 18, 2023
Sunday - AM
Proverbs 4:1-14
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