Gleanings in 1st John


What do you know about 1st John? Fellowship, John correcting false teaching, etc. The purpose statement of John in chapter 5: 13 says that these things that I have written that you might know that you have eternal life. I want to overview the 1st two chapters for you.

The Purpose was intimacy with God; having fellowship with the Father and His Son Jesus Christ. John was writing to make the disciples joy complete. The apostolic message and authority established.

What does Fellowship with the Holy God look like? God is holy. if we say that we have fellowship with Him and walk in darkness we lie and do not practice the truth. But if we confess our sins He will forgive and cleanse us.

The Christian message is this - God is holy and the Christian is one who shows a change in their life through conformity to God's holiness. The Christian is one who shows an ongoing need for further conformity to God's holiness demonstrated through ongoing confession of sin. (Realization of sins) The Christian is one who knows the freeness of God's faithfulness and justice in light of His holiness. This is why there is a freeness in our confession of sins. God is not going to bite me if I confess my sins. It is covered by the blood of the Lamb and it is still working in me. It is ongoing.

Jun 18, 2023
Sunday School
1 John 1; 1 John 2
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