The Rise and Fall of Common Sense

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Because we keep on receiving God's grace in Christ, we remain open to basic teachings from God and religious assumptions about how the world works.

  1. The inevitability of God's judgment for lack of enough sense to repent. (v.7-13)
  2. The manner of God's judgment. (v.14-19)
  3. The plan of God's judgment and its consequences. (v.20-22)
    Why doesn't everyone pursue God?
    What happens to enemies of Christ? Phil. 3:18-19 Heb. 1:13
    What do we read about Edom in Obadiah? Ob. 1:10-14
    Who defeated Edom, and is mighty to save? Is. 63:1
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Duration 36:36
Date Jun 18, 2023
Category Sunday - AM
Bible Text Jeremiah 49:7-22
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