228. Redemption Unveiled: Calvin on Christ in the Law

In this episode, Dr. Beach explores John Calvin's teachings on how fallen humanity can find redemption in Christ according to Book 2, Chapter 6 of his famous work The Institutes of the Christian Religion.
Calvin argues that true knowledge of God is useless without also having faith in Him as our Redeemer through Christ. He explains how the Old Testament law was never intended to provide a way to achieve righteousness through our own efforts but rather to expose our depravity and desperate need for God's redemptive grace.
Dr. Beach walks through Calvin's threefold "uses of the law" - to show our sin, restrain evil, and instruct believers in righteousness after being freed from the law's condemnation through Christ. We learn how even the Old Testament ceremonies foreshadowed the coming of the gospel promises fulfilled in Jesus.
Throughout, Calvin masterfully shows how the way of salvation through grace alone in Christ alone was the same essence in both the Old and New Testaments. The law served to drive us to the Redeemer, in whom alone we can be justified and reconciled to God.

Jun 20, 2024
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