Syncretism & Societal Ruin - Judges 17+18


Syncretism brings decadence and decay to theological thought - which in turn brings decadence and decay to society and to the governments of men.

Syncretism is the combining of different forms of belief or practice. It abounds in American Christianity and society today.

Here we see the example of Micah who was taking a little bit of what the Lord teaches and a little bit of his own religious machinations and of the religion of the day and blended them altogether. This is syncretism - and syncrestism has been expressed in thousands of different forms down through the ages.

This sermon takes the example of Micah and his Levite priest and makes application to the Christians and churchmen of our day here in America. 41 min. MercySeat.net DefyTyrants.com

Recorded May 23, 2021
Published Jun 17, 2021
Bible Text Judges 17
Event Sunday Service
Sermon ID 61721161832985
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