Resurrection by Jim Elliot - Martyr - Through Gates of Splendor

He and four other missionaries made contact from their airplane with the Huaorani Indians. After several months, the men decided to build a base a short distance from the Indian tribe, along the Curaray River. There they were approached one time by a small group of Huaorani Indians. Encouraged by these friendly encounters, they began plans to visit the Huaorani, but their plans were preempted by the arrival of a larger group of 10 Huaorani men, who killed Elliot and his four companions on January 8, 1956. Elliot's mutilated body was found downstream, along with those of the other men, except that of Ed McCully.

His journal entry for October 28, 1949, contains his now famous quotation, expressing his belief that missions work was more important than his life.

“ He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose. „

Elliot and his friends became instantly known worldwide as martyrs. Through Gates of Splendor, which describe the life and death of her husband.

See http://www.maf.org/video for more information on Jim Elliot's co-worker who died with him....Nate Saint and the continuing mission work to reach others (or click on "Outside Web Link" below to take you to videos on this mission work). The ministry is called MAF - Mission Aviation Fellowship.

Special permission to host "Quest for the Auca" Movie will be posted soon. Showing the results of God's work these died for.

Jun 17, 2007
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