Matthew 21:1-11 - "The Triumphal Entry"

In the Triumphal Entry, the greater Jeshua makes His way from Jericho to Jerusalem in victory. The Great High Priest has assumed the glory that was waiting for Him on the Mount of Olives, and He is coming to inspect His household. He comes riding a donkey, standing in an ancient line of judges and kings who ruled from this city many years ago. Like Jehu before Him, Christ's donkey rides on the cloaks of the people, foreshadowing the coming destruction of false religion and idolatry. And in all of this, Christ is demonstrating a remarkable humility and lowliness. He can relate to the everyday labourer, fisherman, and farmer who is joining Him on His way to Jerusalem. The prophet from Nazareth is entering the final week of His life, about to take the blow of all the curses that the covenant threatens so that you and I may enjoy all the blessing that it promises. So, the charge is this – see how your union with Christ was made possible during Holy Week.

Jun 16, 2024
Sunday Service
Matthew 21:1-11
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