Hear Him…

Hear Him…

How important is it to hear Him?

It's everything!

Who and what were Jesus pointing to in Mark 9:1?

Think about when Jesus was on the Mount of Transfiguration. Who went with Him up there? A couple of disciples, right? Who did they see up there? Moses and Elijah. That's right. Moses and Elijah. Peter says, Lord, we need to build some tabernacles up here for y'all. One for you, one for them. I'm glad we came. We can get it done. And a word from heaven came and said, this is my beloved S on, whom I am well pleased. Hear Him. Hear Him. Hear Him. On several occasions in the Scriptures God reiterates that message — Hear Him — yes, what He has to say because what He says is more important than anything else anybody ever said. and He didn't come to do away with what others said He came to fulfill what Moses and Elijah said. See Moses represented the law, Elijah represented the prophets. God didn't say pay attention to what Moses said, though we hear him, through Jesus. He didn't say, pay attention to what Elijah said, though we understand him, through Jesus. But He said, pay attention to what my Son says. Yes — Hear Him, hear Him. Why? I am well pleased with Him and because He is the standard by which I would judge all men. And if you're not seeking to hear, listen, follow, and obey Him, it's evident that he hadn't heard Him. And if you hadn't heard Him, you're going to continue to go about business your way. But once you hear Him, once you hear Him, He'll transform your life
and you'll seek Him — as a way of life.

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Jun 15, 2024
Sunday Service
2 Peter 1:16-21; Mark 9
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