Naomi, a Broken Mother?

Featured on May 11, 2014

Naomi is an unlikely subject for a Mothers Day exhortation, because her heritage - her sons - were all taken from her, and all her rejoicing was turned to sorrow and grief.

But the Lord mightily used Naomi in ways that Naomi never dreamed.

She was the means by which the Lord drew Ruth unto Himself. Ruth was saved out of a pagan and cursed land, and Naomi's life and troubles were pivotal in that redemption.

Naomi was responsible for introducing Ruth to the kinsman redeemer, Boaz, and instructing her in how to lay hold of the salvation that Boaz was equipped to provide.

Naomi was given a grandson, of much greater heritage than her two sons, and well equipped to protect both herself and Ruth in their old age.

Not only that, but Naomi raised the grandfather of the great King David himself!

How the Lord used Naomi's life and troubles to bless the Saints for all time! For by her example and testimony and kindness, Ruth was brought into the very line of the Lord Jesus Himself, demonstrating His salvation and Gospel are for the hopelessly lost Gentiles.

Naomi and Ruth and Boaz act out the only Bible example of the great kinsman redeemer, pointing us to the work of Christ as our near kinsman who redeems His people!

Thus, Naomi's life and trouble and blessing are a proclamation of the Gospel itself for all time!

Naomi performed all the natural and pedestrian duties of a mother, and God used her life and sorrow and rejoicing to bless all the world for all time - even though she lost all her natural children early on.

How much Naomi's example should encourage us to faithfulness in the life God gives to us, knowing He works all things to His Glory!

May 9, 2010
Sunday Service
Luke 2:34-35; Ruth 1:19-22
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