Preparing for the Return of Christ Pt.2

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We are continuing our look at Luke 21, and many other passages as we learn about the Lord's teaching and how we are to prepare for the Immanent, return of Jesus Christ.
Jesus gives the reason for this lingering purpose, in verse 22 why every bit of this world history must happen exactly as he says.
He has told them that there is going to be persecution an sorrow and destruction. And the reason is found in Luke 21 verse 22
Everything that Jesus told them about the future;
from him going to Jerusalem
where they would find the donkey.
How he would die.
That he would be crucified; that he would be dead for three days;
that there would be no sign except for that of the sign of Jonah,
that the only signs that would be seen would be a world as it was in the days of Sodom and in the days of Noah.

All of this was to establish the absolute superiority, holiness, truthfulness of Jesus Christ.
In the OT, there are around 330 prophecies concerning Christ, 109 of them were fulfilled in His first coming,
which leaves 224 yet to be fulfilled in His second coming.

so, the question comes how do you know that everything that Jesus promised will happen exactly as he said and that you can trust him to be your savior?
All of this goes to the truthfulness and trustworthiness of God.

Apr 25, 2021
Sunday Service
Luke 21:22; Romans 11:1-31
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