The Coming of the Lawless One Part 2

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Join us as we continue to look a the coming man of Lawlassness and that end times day of Gods vengeance.

We will be talking about AntiChrist, the Willful King, the Beast, the Son of Perdition, the Prince That Shall Come, the Little Horn of Daniel. Eschatology, the sign, the coming days of vengeance, the Great tribulation, the Abomination Desolation .
Today we will look at

The Awe of his Power.
The Deception he produces.
The One he Worships.

In a moment, your time on this Earth could be at an end.
Or , the church could be raptured at any moment, and these events will play out exactly as God has said they will.
It is appointed for man wants to die and after this comes the judgment.

So where will you find yourself in 10 to 100 years?
Will you be one of those who stands fast in the faith Anne lives and dies as a Christian?
Will you be one of the ones who falls away from the faith and faces the wrath of God's judgment?
Examine yourself and test yourself to see if you're in the faith.
Have you repented of your sin and trusted in Christ ? Are you growing in holiness? Do you find that you hate sin in love righteousness?
Or do you love the world and the things that are in the world?

Jun 13, 2021
Sunday Service
Luke 21:5-25; Revelation 13
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