Glimpsing Hidden Glory

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Who was Melchizedek? What was his role? What was his purpose in scripture. What can we learn about what God is doing today by considering this obscure figure from ancient times? What God has given us this remarkable mystery in the midst of the Bible, this glimmer of greater things and partially hidden revelation of greater glory. God often uses things that do not seem to fit, do not seem to follow the normal pattern. These times are historical dissonance, a hiccup in the predictable flow of history and time. These dissonances are quite intentional; they cause us to stagger just a moment in the normal advance of our lives, give us space to consider that greater things are going on, to grasp and grope after the larger patterns the truer pictures that lie just beyond our normal reach.

Sermon ID 61223419517329
Duration 58:28
Date Jun 11, 2023
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Hebrews 7:1-3
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