Why Reclaiming America?

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Speach: Dr. D. James Kennedy, was a patriot who loved America and wanted to see her thrive. He set a controversial goal: reclaiming America for Christ. And as we begin today, he explains why that’s an important goal--and what we can do to bring it about--in his message, “Why Reclaiming America,” shared at the Reclaiming America for Christ conference in 2000. --- Feature: The Bible shows us there are two rails upon which the train of the church and the Christian life run—the cultural mandate, and the great commission to share the gospel. This ministry exists to do both, using television, radio, the internet, publications and every other form of media to share the good news and help people to see the world through a biblical lens. And we have exciting things planned. Here’s Jennifer Kennedy Cassidy with the recently-named president and CEO of D. James Kennedy Ministries, Dr. Frank Wright.

Jun 14, 2015
TV Broadcast
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