[06/02/2024 PM] - “This Cultural Cesspool is God’s Punishment” - Romans 1:18-32

In the evening we come to Lord's day 4 - and see God's punishment of sin in the pride of homosexuality from Romans 1.18-32. I selected this text before remembering that June is the month where pride and arrogance is expressed about a vile sin choice - homosexulaity. So come Sunday night to hear with clarity what God says about the deadly seriousness of sin. In this we are comforted in the forgiveness found in the work done by Jesus Christ.

Responsive Reading: Psalm 58
Scripture Reading: Romans 1:18-32
Confessional Reading: Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 4
Text: Romans 1:18-32
Sermon: "This Cultural Cesspool is God's Punishment"

Theme: Beloved, have open eyes to see that God's curse and punishment is falling on the world in rebellion

  1. We can see that God is terribly angry about the rebellion

  2. We can see that God made Himself and His works known

  3. We can see that God has "handed-over" humanity

Jun 2, 2024
Sunday - PM
Romans 1:18-32
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