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When we first become Christians, where should we start? Pastor Wood and others recommend we start in the Gospel of John. All followers of Christ need to spend time alone with God. God is not just involved a few things on Earth, God created everything. When there are things we don't know in God's word, we need to pray that God will show us what He wants us to know. When we go to study the Bible we need to meet with God, He is the Author. We also need to remember that everything in the Bible points to Jesus. When we meet with God, we need to ask Him what He wants us to do. Many people are double minded in that we want to know what God's will is in order to decide if we want to do it or not. We want God's input and not God as Lord. Instead, we should write God a blank check everyday, giving 100% of what we have everyday to God. After beginning with the Gospel of John then we should go to Genesis (which is foundational to all of life). Next, go to the Gospel of Mark (a high speed glimpse of the life of Jesus). After Mark, go to Romans (where the plan of salvation and the heart of theology is found). In Romans, there will be things that are hard to understand, we must remember in 2 Peter 3, Peter did not understand either. After, Romans, ask the Lord what He would have us read next, making sure that whatever we read lines up with the word of God. Each day, we need to pray that God will show us what He wants us to see. People make mistakes, God does not. If we want to know if something is from God, we need to meet with Him. We need to ask the Author what He wants us to do, then do it.

Jun 8, 2016
1 Peter 2:2; Acts 17:11
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