God's Appointment of Christ

I would like us to think about Elihu's words here, in relation to God's appointment of Christ to be our Savior and Mediator and Lord over all the earth. In verse 13 Elihu says – Who gave Him charge over all the earth? Or who appointed Him over the whole world? This verse Elihu is saying that no man has the ability or the authority to charge, or to appoint God over the whole world. For God is most blessed, most glorious, the Ruler over all of His creation. But I would like you to see that God the Father has given Christ Jesus His Son charge over the whole earth. He has indeed appointed Him over all the whole world.
And so, 1st of all – I want you to see that God's appointment of Christ was so that all flesh would not perish in their sins. (verses 1-15) Then 2nd – God's appointment of Christ was so that He who was most just would be condemned in the place of sinners. (verses 16-30) And then 3rd – God's appointment of Christ was so that the chastisement for our peace would be upon Him, and by His stripes we would be healed. (verses 31-37) God's appointment of Christ to be the Savior of the World would insure that Job would be forgiven of all of his sins and justified freely by His blood.

May 5, 2024
Sunday Afternoon
1 Peter 5:8-11; Job 34
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