Statism Brings Society into Jeopardy - Malachi 1


Starting verse by verse through Malachi.
Understand, when men have more fealty, honor, and reverence for human authority than they do for the Lord and His authority – all of society is in jeopardy.

By their bogus form of religion, the priests were teaching the people to have more fealty, honor and reverence for the civil authorities than they had for the Lord Himself – from whom the civil authorities derive their authority.

And so the churchmen in our day have taught Americans the same thing – they have taught the people to have more fealty, honor, and reverence for human civil authority than for the Lord Himself.

When you speak of the doctrine of the lesser magistrates, the worthless churchmen say "Oh, you don't respect authority." No - it's precisely the fact that we do respect authority that we understand the abuse of authority must be confronted.

You must understand – without a valid doctrine of authority, order will not stand in society. We now live in a lawless state.
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Duration 39:51
Date Jan 23, 2022
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Malachi 1
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