(18) Jesus Breaks Down Barriers

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Like many biblical events, the revival in the house of Cornelius the centurion no longer surprises us. But to a first century Christian this story is amazing. When church leaders in Jerusalem finally understand what had happened with Peter in Caesarea, "They fell silent" (11:18). The early church didn't know what to make of Gentiles entering God's flock on a grand scale. They struggled to understand just how completely Jesus breaks down barriers. What happens in Acts 10 is so important that Luke repeats the story in the first half of Acts 11.

And these events were not simply important for the early church. We are the outsiders who have been welcomed in! As we understand Acts 10 we will better trust in the unconditional and sovereign love God shows his children. And we can imitate God in removing the unbiblical barriers that we build between ourselves and those different from us.

Recorded May 8, 2022
Published May 8, 2022
Bible Text Acts 10:34
Event Sunday - AM
Sermon ID 5522188445478
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