E155: What is the Lord's Supper? (N.M.S. Ep. 3)


In this new mini-series-- the "New Members Series"-- within the life of the podcast, the fundamentals of the faith along with the distinctives of Believers' Baptist Church will be discussed. The purpose of the series is to provide content specifically for new Christians as well as prospective or new members to our own congregation.

For further listening, we recommend this podcast from the *Theocast Podcast:
https://theocast.org/what-happened-to-communion/ (There are even more resources on the Theocast page if you follow the link.)

*Disclaimer: We are indebted to the faithful work of Jon Moffitt and Justin Perdue of Theocast.org along with their episodes on the sacraments. Any apparent plagerism of content is unintended and all credit goes to Theocast where they are quoted and not cited.

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Duration 42:56
Date May 30, 2023
Category Podcast
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