Habakkuk, I will DoWhat is Best!

110 ( 75 | 35 )

In this fourth message Yahweh responded to Habakkuk's complaint. The Chaldeans had an eternal LIABILITY to God, so He commanded His prophet to explain His vision by preserving it in writing and by publicizing it out loud through his messengers. He wanted Judah to expect the promise to be fulfilled, and to patiently await its' arrival. Yahweh then pointed out the potential liability of those who take the extreme position of not being right with God. Their pursuits clearly reveal that they are unrighteous. Yahweh continued His condemnation with a LAMENT of five woes (interjections of strong dissatisfaction pre- sented as proverbs). Woe #1 is against him who steals from others - looting and plundering many nations; Woe #2 is against him who covets what is not his - getting evil gain and cutting off many peoples; Woe #3 is against him who murders - violently killing others to build their cities; Woe #4 is against him who makes others drunk - so as to look on their nakedness; and Woe #5 is against him who trusts in idols - carving them and deceiving.

Sermon ID 5302119955979
Duration 1:00:13
Date May 30, 2021
Category Sunday Service
Bible Text Habakkuk 2:2-20
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