[05/21/2023 AM] - "Give Up All; Gain All" - Mark 10:23-31

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In the morning we return to Mark 10.23-31 to study the next section of our Lord's teaching about receiving the gift of salvation. This extended teaching is exactly what the American church in 2023 needs. He promises to strengthen us in His Word.

Scripture Reading: Mark 10:23-31
Text: Mark 10.23-31
Message: "Give Up All; Gain All"

Theme: The Lord requires of all who would follow Him that they give up all to gain all

  1. Some are utterly unwilling to give up all

  2. God is able to enable us to give up all

  3. When we give up all we gain all both now and forever

May 21, 2023
Sunday - AM
Mark 10:23-31
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