Don't Distract From Worship

Since we worship in order to glorify God, we must not distract by our traditions and practices of what we wear or what we do in church.

  1. Voluntary submission in our worship (wife to husband, husband to Christ, Christ to God the Father) reflects headship in function within the created order, and does not indicate inferiority of value of any persons. (v.2-10)
  2. God-glorifying worship includes both eternally valid principles (headship, image/glory of God, modesty) and culturally time-stamped principles (our customs, choice of clothing, type of greetings). (v.11-12)
  3. Reasonable and spiritual worship requires that we use our minds to discern and distinguish what is proper from what is immoral, finding unity in our worship practices in the churches of God. (v.13-16)
    Why does it matter what we wear to church?
    Jesus is equal with God; yet submits, & God gets glory! Phil 2:6,11
    In what way is the kiss of greeting a similar issue? 2 Cor. 13:12
    We present our bodies; it is spiritual worship. Why? Rom.12:1-2
May 26, 2024
Sunday - AM
1 Corinthians 11:2-16
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